What examinations can be done in a nuclear medicine centre ?

Examinations, some of them only available in a nuclear medicine centre, will be sometimes necessary in order to establish a good diagnosis or undergo surgery. Let’s round up these examinations !
What is nuclear medicine ?

It is a medical speciality which will enable to diagnose and treat a great number of pathologies. The particularity of that medicine is that it uses radioelements (radioactive isotopes). These isotopes emit radiations, such as photons, alpha rays, or beta-negative particles.
It is these particles that will enable the doctor to envision and analyse how the organs and tissues function. Though nuclear medicine is complementary to radiology and echography, it offers some unique advantages. It enables, for instance, the reconstruction of dynamic images, which will capture the movement inside the observed body, for instance the blood debit. It can be useful when dealing with lipedema, as it often is linked with thrombosis.

Numerous examinations can be done in a nuclear medicine centre. You can detect tumors, inflammations, check the heart as well as the way other organs and tissues are formed and function (glands, the liver, the brain and even bones).

Which examination is recommended, in the case of lipedema ?

However, in the case of lipedema, one examination is particularly recommended. It is the lymphoscintigraphy. This exam will only be prescribed in certain cases, notably if your lipedema is at an advanced stage (2, 3 et 4). The diagnosis of the lipedema itself can be done without it.

What does lymphoscintigraphy bring to the table and why can it only be done in a nuclear medicine centre ?

It is in fact a method that will enable the meticulous analysis of your lymphatic state, and determine the part of drain in legs and arms. In other words, in the cases of edema, the exam will enable the doctor to know if the origin is lymphatic or not. In the case of lipedema, the exam will permit to evaluate the zone in which the lympathic debit is impacted, whatever the cause is.
Let’s point out that for this exam, you don’t need to come without having eaten or to stop your exams like others require.

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