Consultation video lipœdeme : faire son diagnostic
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Video consultation for lipoedema diagnosis

Video consultation for lipoedema diagnosis

It is now possible to opt for a video consultation to diagnose your lipoedema with a professional.

Since the March 2020 lockdown, we have made it easier and more convenient to do video consultations. So, if you live far from the clinic and you want an opinion and an estimate, you can easily choose the video consultation for a first appointment with Doctolib!

Video consultation for lipoedema diagnosis : prepare photos beforehand

In addition to this first appointment by video, it is strongly recommended to send many photos of your body, legs or arms in high quality HD, to allow the doctor to complete his analysis. Send them via Doctolib or by email at: (don’t forget to put your first and last name in the email title).

Video consultation for lipoedema diagnosis : the process

The video consultation takes place in the same way as a real consultation, it lasts an average of 35 minutes.

You will explain your problems and concerns, describe your symptoms, and answer the doctor’s questions in order to establish a complete diagnosis of your illness.

Video consultation for lipoedema diagnosis : pay attention to lighting and framing

The doctor will then proceed with your examination: you will show the affected areas to the camera (be careful with the lighting, backlighting and low light, and try to choose a “neutral” environment with a solid colored wall behind you if possible).

The doctor will ask you to gently feel certain areas of your body that are bothering you or hurting you to define the areas to be treated and you will discuss with them the possible therapeutic options and the next steps to undertake.

At the end of the appointment, the assistant will email you prescriptions for additional tests and the cost estimate for the areas discussed.

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