Radiological signs of lipoedema

During the complementary check-up of lipoedema, the plastic surgeon specialized in lipoedema will ask for a study of the deep and superficial venous network or ultrasound-doppler. In order to observe the patient’s radiological signs.

This analysis will allow to determine the quality of limbs’ venous circulation. This is an essential prerequisite for plastic surgery by WAL liposuction. It will also allow to decide if a vascular surgery of the varicose veins must be suggested before the WAL liposuction.

Additionally, in advanced cases, commonly stages 2, 3 and 4 of the medical classification of lipoedema, Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger will request a lymphoscintigraphy performed in nuclear medicine centers.

This examination precisely analyzes the patient’s lymphatic state. It allows to determine the lymphatic part sometimes associated in the disease explaining the large limbs.

In order to perform a WAL liposuction, the plastic surgeon needs a pre-operative blood test to prevent possible anemia or iron deficiency.

All of these additional results will allow Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger and his team to plan a precise surgical treatment strategy. This will allow the patient to be fully and safely treated.