Physiotherapy for lipoedema

Physiotherapy for lipoedema

Physiotherapy for lipoedema is crucial to the patient’s well-being.

We recommend that it be performed before and especially after surgery.

Physiotherapy for lipoedema – Before surgery: reduce and relieve

Many patients say that they feel relieved after a visit to the physiotherapist. The problem is that this feeling of lightness and refinement is temporary, hence the need to have regular sessions.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) using the Vodder and Leduc methods is strongly recommended.

Physiotherapy for lipoedema – After surgery: quickly resume an activity

Everything is done to help the patient resume their activities and walk normally with knee, ankle and elbow joints that quickly become pain-free and supple.

Passive and dynamic stretching exercises are performed on the patient, who will reproduce them alone at home from the first days.

Physiotherapy for lipoedema
Physiotherapy for lipoedema: aquabike is very beneficial for reducing swelling

Physiotherapy for lipoedema – sport and Cryo

Physical activities in a cold environment (aquabike), cold water baths and cold rooms such as Cryo are recommended to relieve swelling.

Appropriate protocols accelerate recovery and shorten healing time.

In case of oedema in certain areas, manual lymphatic drainage should be resumed.

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