Medical treatment

Lipoedema cannot be cured with just medical treatment.

But you can have an impact on the development of this disease with dietary advice.

A diet rich in red fruits is beneficial to fight against lipoedema.
First of all, it is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid excess fat and sugar. Although it has been proven that a diet will not make your lipoedema disappear.

You should consult a nutritionist in order to establish a diet adapted to your condition.

Sports are strongly recommended. Ideally, wearing compression garments, water sports are particularly recommended for their draining virtues. Intensive sports will only have an effect on the “healthy” parts of your body.

Wearing class III compression stockings every day, preferably with flat mesh, will reduce swelling of the lower limbs and the pain sensation. Juzo laboratory, the Lipoelastic and Embody lingerie brands have a solid expertise in compression garments for people suffering from lipoedema/lymphoedema.

Manual lymphatic drainage sessions, practiced regularly, bring relief from pain and swelling. Lymphatic drainage can be performed by a physical therapist or a naturopath. Or also in certain beauty care centers. A session should last at least 45 minutes and may last up to 1h30, depending on the areas to be treated. Lymphatic drainage allows a better blood and lymphatic circulation.

Pressure therapy is a method that allows a better blood and lymphatic circulation. Using devices (boots for the lower limbs or sleeves for the upper limbs). This technique makes it possible to exert a pressure at regular intervals and with varying degrees of strength depending on the areas treated. A session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and can be performed at a physiotherapist’s or at home.

All of these medical treatments allow for a better life and slow down the progression of lipoedema.

However, the surgical treatment of lipoedema remains the only lasting solution. It is based on the practice of liposuction known as “WAL” (Water Assisted Liposuction) using the BODY-JET.

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