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10 things to do before lipoedema surgery

Okay! You’ve decided to have lipoedema surgery!

Here are 10 things to plan and do before your surgery:

  • Make an appointment with your future anesthesiologist to review the situation (two months before at the most)
  • Carry out the required tests (blood tests, Doppler echo, lymphoscintigraphy)
  • Buy the prescribed compression garments and dressings as well as the requested medication
  • Take a vitamin and iron treatment (especially if you have anemic tendencies) before the operation (according to the surgeon’s prescription and advice)
  • If necessary, perform lymphatic drainage sessions before the operation if the oedema is important
  • Plan appointments in advance with the physiotherapist for after the operation according to the surgeon’s prescription
  • Take at least 15 days off work
  • If necessary, arrange for a nurse at home for one week after the operation
  • Arrange for an accompanying person to accompany you on your discharge from the clinic
  • Inform your family of your weakened state and get help at home if needed during the first 15 days after the operation

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