Pressure therapy for lipoedema treatment

Pressotherapy in 5 key notions

Pressotherapy in 5 key notions

Pressotherapy can be quite useful to relieve you, if you suffer from lipedema. Its symptoms tend to be particularly painful and difficult to handle on a daily basis. . Let’s go over the principle of this therapy through 5 key notions !
  1. Pressotherapy is a therapy that uses compression. It will thus actively stimulate your lymphatic and blood circulation. It in in fact an improved form of drainage, directly inspired by the manual lympathic drainage.
  2. Pressotherapy is accomplished through the use of accessories. Namely, it consists in wearing an abdominal belt, big sleeves and boots, while lying down. Each accessory will consequently compress and relax around the affected limb.
  3. Through its lympathic drainage action, this therapy facilitates the elimination of excess toxins and water from the body. These toxins are responsible for the swellings and oedemas in the legs, arms and ankles. The symptoms of heavy legs are particularly alleviated !
  4. It is not restricted to persons suffering from lipedema. It can be useful for pregnant women suffering from water retention or circulatory issues ; for those seeking to improve the aspect of their cellulite ; or after a surgery, for instance a liposuction.
  5. However, in the case of patients suffering from lipedema, pressotherapy aims to have medical results and not just aesthetic ones. Consulting a doctor before starting the therapy is therefore mandatory !

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