Pain and hypersensitivity of the limbs due to lipœdema

Pain and hypersensitivity of the limbs due to lipœdema?

Pain and hypersensitivity of the limbs due to lipœdema

Lipœdema disease is a chronic disorder that primarily affects women. This is a pathological accumulation of fat cells. The accumulation of fat and water is gradual and symmetrical. It mainly affects the lower limbs but also the hips, ankles and more rarely the arms. What types of pain does this disease cause?

Hypersensitivity of the limbs to touch

The patients feel variable degrees of pain in case of pressure of the lower limbs’ skin. . The pain intensifies in advanced cases of the disease. The texture of the skin is also affected. It takes on an “orange-peel skin” appearance and loses its suppleness. It thickens until it becomes irregular and bumpy. Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, the legs become very painful at the slightest contact, pressure or pinching. Patients with lipœdema suffer intensely when they try to massage themselves or have a massage. The skin is also sometimes strewn with bruises and hematomas. Sometimes certain clothes become difficult to wear.

Pain and hypersensitivity of the limbs due to lipœdema
Pain and hypersensitivity of the limbs due to lipœdema – Lipoedema can impact the ability to walk, which can lead to a loss of mobility and muscular abilities.

Physical pain associated with lipœdema

This disease causes pain in the lower limbs. Patients complain of a feeling of heaviness in the legs, sometimes along with œdema. Pain often occurs at night or after a few kilometers of walk. The nodules (dense and compact fat balls) put pressure on the joints to the point of not being able to walk normally (stages 3 or 4 of the disease).

Loss of mobility and muscle weakness

In the last stage of lipœdema disease, mobility is greatly reduced and with it the daily life quality. People with stage 3 of lipœdema lose movement independence. Muscle capacity decreases. If treatment is not started, the risk is to get lipolymphœdema, stage 4 of lipœdema.

Psychological pain associated with lipœdema

In addition to all this physical pain, there is a real psychological suffering. Given that lipœdema is not very well known, women with the condition often find themselves alone with their pain, unaware that they are suffering from a real disease. When the disease occurs (either in adolescence or later, sometimes after pregnancy), they feel different, abnormal. They don’t dare to show their legs, hide and avoid the pool or the beach. Cellulite can in some cases take on a very unsightly appearance but especially their legs make them suffer. Despite diet and exercise, they cannot get rid of this fat that accumulates in their legs, hips or buttocks.

If you recognize yourself in these examples of pain, you may have stage 1 or 2 lipœdema. When you finally find out that your pain has a name, you may want to consider a remedy. Making an appointment with Doctor Zwillinger will certainly help you cope better with this disease.

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