Outpatient medicine or sleeping at the clinic : the pros and cons
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Outpatient medicine or sleeping at the clinic : the pros and cons

Outpatient medicine or sleeping at the clinic

Lipœdema surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, that is, without spending the night at the clinic. This surgical method is more and more developing in hospitals and is tending to democratize. This decision is made before the operation, in agreement with the surgeon, Dr Nicolas Zwillinger.

Even though a third of our patients feel the need to sleep in the clinic, you are not always obliged to stay there. Usually, after a few hours of rest and monitoring, you will be able to walk and return home at the end of the day. However, it sometimes happens that your outpatient treatment turns into hospitalization for any medical reason or in case of significant tiredness.

A short summary of the advantages and disadvantages of outpatient or overnight surgery in the clinic.

Outpatient medicine or sleeping at the clinic : operation in ambulatory medicine

Before the operation, the surgeon decides of the outpatient surgery or not. If so, you can go back home in the evening. After the surgery, you will be transferred to the recovery room for post-operative monitoring. Then, you will be taken back to your room where we will serve you a snack. Dr Nicolas Zwillinger or his assistant will come to visit you. If everything is fine, you can go home in the evening.

However, you must imperatively be drived back home by a trusted person. All emergency procedures will be explained to you before you leave. The next day, a nurse from the outpatient surgery department and Dr Nicolas Zwillinger’s assistant will call you at home and make sure that you are in good health.

The pros

  • You will sleep in your bed and will find your comfort back ;
  • You won’t be disturbed by frequent visits or by the noise in the corridors of the clinic ;
  • You are independent ;
  • You do not pay extra for the night ;
  • You are less exposed to the risks of infection.

The cons

  • You don’t have the physical presence of nursing staff, although you can of course call the clinic at any time from your home ;
  • You have to manage your first aid on your own.

Outpatient medicine or sleeping at the clinic : the pros and cons
The choice between the ambulatory medicine or staying overnight at the clinic: clinics offer the advantage of providing support throughout the night with the presence of a care team – Entrance to the Trocadero Clinic

Outpatient medicine or sleeping at the clinic : spend the night at the clinic

You reach the hospital in the morning, you have the operation during the day, you spend the night in the clinic and you go home the next day once the surgeon allows you to leave the clinic.

 The pros

  • You’ve had the operation under general anesthesia ;
  • You need special post-operative follow-up ;
  • You are under medical monitoring ;
  • You feel very tired ;
  • You have no one to pick you up the night of the operation, so you cannot leave the clinic on your own ;
  • You are helped in taking anti-coagulant and anti-pain medications; ·
  • You are assisted in the care and the change of the dressings.

The cons

  • You are not in your private environment ;
  • You pay additional costs for the night ;
  • You are more exposed to the risks of infection.

You just have to make your choice. Whatever your decision, we will take care of you in a personalized way with all the attention and professionalism that we give to all of our patients.

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