Lymphatic circulation in a nutshell
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Lymphatic circulation in a nutshell

Lymphatic circulation in a nutshell

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a system of lymphatic vessels that connect the tissues to a lymphatic organ in which circulates the lymph. Lymph is a whitish liquid that contains white corpuscle, nutrients, and wastes. Lymphocytes produced by the bone marrow circulate in this fluid.

They play a key role in the immune system.

Lymphatic circulation in a nutshell
Lymphatic circulation in a nutshell – Sport is essential to help the proper functioning of the lymphatic circulation

What is the role of lymphatic circulation?

A crucial role in the immune system

Lymph has many roles in the proper functioning of the immune system :

  • It carries white blood cells ;
  • It drains the excess liquids present in the tissues ;
  • It eliminates waste from the human body ;
  • It disseminates nutrients and hormones.

Lymphatic circulation is boosted by the movement and contraction of muscles. Therefore, a physical activity is essential for good lymphatic circulation.

The role of lymphatic drainage in lipoedema

When the lymphatic circulation is not efficient enough, manual lymphatic drainage may be prescribed. It involves massaging the skin to accelerate the lymphatic system drainage and thereby reduce œdema. Treatment of lipœdema and lymphœdema is often combined with manual lymphatic drainage. Other solution to have a good lymphatic drainage : try pressure therapy.

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