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How to fight against vascular fragility?

How to fight against vascular fragility

Do you see small blood vessels appear or burst on your legs or your thighs? You may be suffering from vascular fragility. This modifies the vessels wall and makes them less resistant. What are the causes and effects of this fragility? What lifestyle should you adopt to fight against this fragility?

What is vascular fragility?

Capillary fragility

Vascular fragility can affect capillaries and alter the lining of the vessel wall. The small vessels then become permeable, which creates small red spots. This is sometimes called purpura disease. When the capillaries are weakened, the skin marks more easily at the slightest blow or pressure. The skin is also less resistant to temperature changes and appears cold and bluish. This capillary fragility does not present any particular risk.

Venous fragility

Vascular fragility in the veins presents a greater risk than that in capillaries. The damage to the vessels usually occurs in the veins of the legs. Vascular fragility is often linked to venous insufficiency (disturbance of the blood return to the heart) which can lead to edema or even phlebitis. If the muscle fibers (the architecture of the vein wall) are too distended, it forms dilations and therefore varicose veins. If the venous insufficiency is not too advanced, it causes symptoms such as heavy legs. It is often associated with cases of lipoedema.

Arterial fragility

If the alteration of the vessel wall occurs in the arteries, the irregularity of the vessel can form pockets, called aneurysms. If these aneurysms rupture (ruptured aneurysm in the aorta or in the brain) the danger is very great and can lead to death.

Physiotherapy for lipoedema
How to fight against vascular fragility – Regular practice of a sport helps a lot to reduce the problems of vascular fragility.

Which solutions adopt in case of vascular fragility?

The importance of physical activity and healthy eating

A daily sport practiced is essential in good physical health :

  • Walking at a quick pace for at least 30 minutes ;
  • Biking ;
  • Swimming ;
  • Practicing aquagym or aquabiking (very effective in combating venous insufficiency and promoting lymphatic drainage) ;
  • Gym, yoga, pilates.

A healthy and balanced diet also helps to maintain good blood circulation. It goes without saying that alcohol and tobacco should be severely limited in cases of vascular fragility.

Lymphatic circulation in a nutshell
How to fight against vascular fragility – A healthy lymphatic system will boost your body’s immune system

Manual lymphatic drainage and massages

These massages stimulate lymph circulation and help detoxify the body. You can have it private office, in clinics, hospitals and beauty care centers.

Wearing compression stockings

Wearing compression stockings or socks is recommended in cases of venous insufficiency and feeling heavy legs. This helps compress the veins to promote good blood and lymphatic circulation.

Thermal cures

Venous insufficiency is one of the twelve therapeutic orientations of hydrotherapy recognized by social security system. Doing three weeks of spa treatment allows you to:

  • Relieve venous insufficiency at all stages for several months ;
  • Treat the phlebitis consequences and the healing of varicose ulcers ;
  • Decrease edemas.

Vascular fragility can be reduced by adopting simple daily hygiene behaviors.

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