How many medical appointments before lipoedema surgery ?

How many medical appointments before lipoedema surgery

Before a lipœdema surgery, at least four medical appointments are necessary :

  • With the plastic surgeon Dr Nicolas Zwillinger ;
  • With the angiologist for the doppler ultrasonography of the lower limbs ;
  • With the nuclear doctor for lymphoscintigraphy of the lower limbs;
  • With the anesthetist before the operation.

The appointment with Dr. Zwillinger

The appointment with Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger (real or virtual via doctolib) is the clinical examination that will diagnose, evaluate and plan the treatment of lipœdema. He will explain what is lipœdema disease, its consequences and its treatment methods. He will give you all the information about the operation and its results. You can ask him all your questions during this meeting but also subsequently by email. You can see him again if you still need further explanations.

How many medical appointments before lipœdema surgery
How many medical appointments are required before lipoedema surgery? – At least four, but more depending on your case.

The other medical appointments before lipoedema surgery

Doppler ultrasonography is performed with an angiologist (specialist in vessel diseases). He examines the condition of the venous system and evaluates the œdema scale. The angiologist participates in the diagnosis of lipœdema through these examinations. If you have large varicose veins, you should consult a phlebologist (specialist in the treatment of varicose veins) and treat them before the lipœdema surgery.

Lymphoscintigraphy of the lower limbs is performed by a nuclear doctor. It studies the lymphatic network and completes the doppler ultrasonography.

As for the anesthetist, he will explain you all the stages of the operation. He will give you the necessary instructions for the proper continuity of the anesthesia. You will see the surgeon again just before the operation for a quick review in order to make felt-tip markings on the areas to operate. You may be asked to take pictures of your legs or arms one last time to see the difference after the surgery.

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