Comment se déroule l’operation

How does the lipoedema surgery take place?

How does the lipoedema surgery take place?

Once your surgery day is set (depending on your availability, the days when the doctor can operate and the clinics’ availability) you will choose the type of anaesthesia after consultation with our anaesthetist (spinal or general anaesthesia).

You must arrive on an empty stomach (at least six hours without eating and at least two hours without drinking), wearing loose-fitting clothes. The clinic will determine your arrival time: we advise you to arrive at least one hour before the operation (with your postoperative clothing/compression that you have purchased beforehand).

Please note! You must not take any medication containing aspirin during the 10 days preceding the operation. Also be especially careful if you are prone to anemia.

The patient who chose a spinal anesthesia listens to music during the operation.

How does the lipoedema surgery take place? – Your admission

After paying the clinic fees and filling out your admission form, you will be directed to a room where the nurses will take your “vitals” (blood pressure, temperature etc.). You will be provided with a “surgical” outfit (disposable underwear, surgical gown, cap and socks over-shoes). When you arrive in the OR, you will meet Dr. Zwillinger who will quickly review the situation with you and mark the lipoedema areas with a felt-tip pen with your consent. Once you have been sedated by the anesthesiologist, the surgeon and his assistant will apply betadine (an iodine-based antiseptic) to your skin and begin the operation.

How does the lipoedema surgery take place? – The various stages of the lipoedema surgery

How does the lipoedema surgery take place? – Duration

The operation lasts on average between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hours depending on the area concerned and the nature of your fatty tissues. The fat is sucked up by the BODY-JET machine using the WAL (Water-Assisted Liposuction) technique. At the end of the operation, the compression garment and dressings are placed by the operating team.

The compression garment (or the compression bands) must be worn for 15 days (day AND night) and must be associated with class III compression stockings to avoid swelling, reduce pain, and improve the venous and lymphatic system in the area.
For the following 15 days, we advise you to wear them during the day OR at night only.

You may have to wear them longer if needed.

Even if 1/3 of our patients feel the need to spend the night in the clinic, it is not necessary for you to stay there: after a few hours of rest you can walk home at the end of the day.

Following the procedure you will have 10 days of anticoagulants (to thin your blood, limit the risk of phlebitis) with possible sensations in the legs (swelling, itching, tightness, feelings of “electricity” in the area).

For further information, please visit our gallery to see the results before and after the procedure as well as our instagram account.

It is very important to walk a little bit each day but without forcing yourself. Do not stay inactive and in a lying position! However, be careful because dizziness is possible.

Post-operative discharges (of infiltration fluids/saline/anaesthetic fluid mixture) and blood are frequent in the 3 to 5 days that follow. You should plan protective covers for your train/car seat and your bedding.

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