How do compression bands work ?

How do compression bands work ?

How do compression bands work ?

Let’s say it right off the bat : lipedema is not a fatality ! Its symptoms can be considerably alleviated by a certain number of treatments. They can be complementary and can tremendously help in slowing down its progression.
Let us discuss here about one of them, which has the advantage of being both efficient and non invasive : compression bands.  

Compression bands : definition

Compression bands are clothes which, as their name indicate, will compress the limbs affected by lipedema, wether arms and/or legs. This compression will enable the blood to better flow, and will ease the circulation of lymph fluid in the lymphatic system, therefore preventing fluid retention and the creation of edema.

Compression has another positive effect : it moves the fluids naturally present in your tissues towards the highest point of the limb, which makes it way easier to drain it. Thus, by wearing regularly compression bands, you slow down the development of the lipedema !

These compression bands don’t just impact the illness’ progression. They have a real impact on your quality of life on a daily basis. Other advantages include :

  • decrease of chronic pain
  • a feeling of ease and lightness in the limbs, which are considerably decongested.

Your mobility can be improved : when you walk, for instance, your tissues will be kept from moving by the bands, and thus will remain tight.  

The overall aesthetic aspect of the limbs affected by lipedema can be a source of deep psychological suffering for patients. Here too, compression bands can have a real positive effect, by providing tighter, smoother skin and making the limbs look more “defined”.

How do compression bands work ? : don’t hesitate to ask the specialists for advice

Some precautions to remember

A number of precautions should still be taken : compression bands have to be ordered by a specialist. They will be the most suited to determine the level of compression your limbs need. Indeed, we should not forget that lipedema affected skin can be quite sensitive. Compression bands have to be perfectly adapted to your specific needs.

They can be tailor-made : this is often the best option, as it keeps them from cutting your blood’s flow.

Other compression clothes are declined in a number of standardized sizes, generally from size 1 to 4 (from a lighter type of compression to the strongest).

As we have seen, it is essential that the compression be regularly worn, ideally on a daily basis. Its efficiency depends from this regularity. However, wearing them at night is generally unecessary. You can very well begin wearing them in the morning and take them off on the evening. Here again, we would strongly advice you to consult a specialist, who will know the rate and level of compression you’re going to need !

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