About the lipoedema

About the lipoedema

Lipoedema is still too little known and is commonly referred to as obesity or lymphoedema.

  • Its prevalence remains poorly described,
  • its causes are still being debated by specialists.
  • It’s a progressive disease,
  • difficult to predict, with multiple complex hereditary factors,
  • due to numerous genetic and hormonal influences,
  • to possible vascular and/or lymphatic disorders,
  • even perhaps to the environment, to a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Only one thing is certain: the discomfort and suffering felt by those who suffer from it.

We thought it was relevant to make a section about the lipoedema

We are here to provide greater awareness of this condition.

Dr. Zwillinger and his team have put their know-how and experience at the service of patients. We have gathered as much information as possible to help patients recover from their lipoedema.

Here you will find as much information and advice as possible to guide you towards recovery.

A detailed self-diagnosis is necessary in order to fully understand the specific nature of one’s lipoedema.

About the lipoedema
Feel the lightness in your legs again

In order to understand the outcome of an operation, a before/after section is available on the website as well as a FAQs page. – frequently asked questions page containing recurring requests from patients related to this pathology.

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