5 things to do before undergoing surgery
Surgery,  lipoedema

5 things to do before undergoing surgery

5 things to do before undergoing surgery

Suffering from lipedema, undergoing surgery appears to you as the best option ? Though complementary therapies exist, it is indeed the solution that will lead to the best results, slow the progression of the lipedema and alleviate your symptoms. Let’s round up the 5 things to do before undergoing surgery. 
  1. Establishing a precise diagnostic is mandatory. A professional will determine the stage (out of four) of your lipedema as well as your health status. They will then discuss with you of the results you can expect. 
Pressotherapy lipedema zwillinger
5 things to do before undergoing surgery – To learn more, read our article on pressotherapy
  1. Think about non surgical therapies, which are complementary to surgery. They can lead to impressive results if you start before the surgery, like in the case of pressotherapy. Don’t forget also to program lympathic massages and drainages. They which will diminish the swellings and prevent water retention and fibrosis after the surgery. 
  1. You are aware of the overall principle behind liposuction, but do you know there are several types of it ? It is important to determine, with your surgeon, the type of liposuction which will best suit you, between TAL and WAL. 
  1. Your surgeon may ask you to wear compression bands several weeks prior to the operation. The surgery will be even more effective, and the post operation swellings will be lessened. You will also need to take a shower the evening and the morning before the operation. 
  1. Do not hesitate to discuss with your surgeon about your prescriptions. Painkillers for the post surgery, antibiotics and even supplements, such as iron, may be prescribed to you. Quitting smoking at least a few days before the operation is also strongly recommended. And here you go, you now have the five things to do before surgery in mind !

And here you are, you’ve got the 5 things to do before undergoing surgery in mind !

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